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    I am Tamara (14) and i play ACWW since november 2009. In this blog i will tell you my adventures in Dorado, but also with Wi-Fi. I hope you enjoy my blog, and if you see a mistake (my english is not so good sometimes xD) please let me know.

    If you want to send me a private message, then write somewhere in your message: THISISPRIVATE and i will be the only one who can read it.

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    Name: Tamara
    Town: Dorado
    FC: 2107-3564-5770

    Name: Maya
    Town: Kawaii
    FC: 3997-2698-2609

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    From monday to friday i try to Wi-Fi in the evenings from 8 pm my time, but in weekends i can open at random times.

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News :P

Hey there! Long time no see. You see, I’ve been tooΒ  busy with things in RL, so I couldn’t upload any pictures. I have now decided to stop with my blog. It will be still online, but I won’t post anymore. I haven’t played ACWW for 5 weeks! O_O

Sorry, but I also stopped with playing ACWW and ACCF. I’m going to be very busy with school until June. D:

I wish everyone a (late) merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (Only 8 hours left here! Woohoo!)

xx T.



Hi! I restarted my ACCF town, so here are pictures of my new town:
(Be prepared, I made around 46 pictures xD)

Day 1:
This is my new Character called Maya. And my town is called Kawaii anyway.

I actually wanted the girl with the Asian eyes, but i got this one. Well, i like this face too.

This is my map:

I like it πŸ™‚ My house is on the beach anyway.

Now, let’s see my new neighbors:

Dotty, isn’t she adorable?

Caroline, I like her.


Samson! I love him!

Becky, I don’t know…

Alfonso, from the Animal Crossing Movie!

…Tom Nook? Ouch, he looks very angry here.

I also met the Mayor and Pelly in the post office πŸ™‚

Wow, Tom Nook is selling candy! Yum yum! But why is he selling candy? Please someone, tell me what you can do with those candy things xD

I planted some flowers to make a hybrid garden, hope there will be more flowers soon.

Ahhh… What a beautiful evening. πŸ˜€

Haha, Dotty has three Spacemen in her house, i wonder why? xD


My little house :3

Having a date with Samson in the Roost. ❀

This is my friend-code, so if you want to add me, just let me know =D

I tried to catch a bee, but that didn’t go so well.

Even my neighbors noticed it D:

Yay, more space for me!

Day 2:
When i woke up, Resetti came for a visit. I was surprised, but he just came to warn me. *sigh*

I found two letters in my mailbox:

The first one was from the HRA. Bang.

The other one was from Jack. I’m looking forward to October 31st. I’ve seen a few video’s of Halloween on youtube, and it looks really cool.

Yay, my house is bigger!

I’ve got a new neighbor: Chrissy! She looks cute, doesn’t she?

I found this helmet in Ables Sisters. It makes a cool superhero sound when you equip it. πŸ˜€

Saharah’s in my town today! Yay!

M-love? Hmm… I don’t know…

COFFEE! Woah, i almost fell off the chair!

Cool, a balloon!

What a beautiful day!

At 2:00 pm, Elvis came to my house.

Yeah, I expected that. xD

Woohoo! Another balloon! πŸ˜€

Then I went to the city, for only 500 bells to make my shoe’s shiny and clean.

I went to the Marquee and i’ve got two new emotions: I forgot the first one but you can see it ^, and the second one was sorrow.

My new hairstyle:

Ouch! It still hurts with a helmet!

That was it for today, bye!

I’m back =D

Hi everyone! I’m back! After a long time without Wi-Fi, it works finally! But i won’t update my blog very often, because school takes almost all my spare time (grrrr). I still play ACWW everyday to keep neighbors from moving and stuff, but i always play in evenings, except for weekends and holidays. And i’m also obsessed with another game called “Enchanted Folk” (in Europe) or Magician’s Quest (in America). It’s a bit like Animal Crossing, but with a few more activities. You can also Wi-Fi with it, so if you want my Friend Code just ask πŸ™‚ I’m going to post a few video’s about the game on my Youtube Channel soon, like i did with ACWW. Woah, why am i talking about another game? Back to Animal Crossing!

Anyways, i’m thinking to restart with ACCF. I haven’t played that game for a few months and my town is probably ugly and full of weeds. So i’ll post my new FC soon, if i have time. Hmm… Nothing else to tell i think. Oh yeah, my birthday is November 20th, so i’m going to give a party in my town =D

School starts monday *sigh* time flies. Well, see you soon!
Tammy πŸ™‚

I’m taking a break from blogging

Hi everyone =) I’m going to take a break from blogging (NOT FROM ACWW!) I have many tests for school soon and i really want to get good results for them. And my Wi-Fi still isn’t working ): I always get error-codes like 52301 or 52003 with my USB-connector and there’s something wrong with the router. (they are trying to fix it). But i have vacation from October 16th until October 24th, so i hope my Wi-Fi works then. =)

Of course i’ll try to come on Mayu’s chat in weekends and maybe in evenings.
I’ll come back soon πŸ˜‰

Fun with Lynette, Sabrina, Erin and Becci ^^

People, my Wi-Fi stopped working. Something with the router or something. >.< But i have now a Wi-Fi USB connector, and i use that until it’s fixed ^^

Ok, first some random pics:
Last week Gracie was in my town, and she gave me this outfit:

My new style, lol!

I made a flower garden with the colors of the Dutch flag ^^

Ok, now to the subject:
I opened my gate around 5:45 pm and the visitors were:

Sabrina (sorry, forgot town name >.<)

And also Lynette came! Hi!

Is my town that shocking? xD

As you can see, i wasn’t really happy with the fact that Lynette was watering me. xD

A nice closeup from us ^^

Then farao Erin came to my town. Sabrina was very shocked about this. xD

We had a very interesting conversation, as you see. n.n

Here you can see Erin’s face ^^

I just wanted to make a pic from us, but then Sabrina came running through the screen. Woosh! xD

I introduce: Princess Sandwich!

Later that evening i went to Becci’s town Chelue. Our last meeting was before i had to restart, so i was happy to see her again ^^

Hii πŸ™‚ Nice entrance!

What a cute pic :3

Becci asked me to follow her, and we fell in some pitfall seeds, lol! Uh oh, angry Becci. 😯

Lol, Becci with a divers helmet (is that the name? xD)

This was the last pic i that i took before Wi-Fi crashed. But you’ve got your pitfall seeds back, Becci! ^^

Bye! x

1.000 visitors!

WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! I have 1000 visitors on my blog. Thanks everyone πŸ˜‰

I made a picture with all my good friends on ACWW (i’m so sorry if you are not in it)

I hope you like it ^^


Traveling to the USA and Scotland

Sorry for the late posts, but school takes me so much time :S
First, a town update!
1. My town is perfect! Yay! 15 days until the golden watering can, and then i can breed golden roses ^^

At September 5th, i’ve traveled over the Atlantic Ocean to USA in only a few minutes ^^ PokeLand was the town i visited first. Then we traveled back to Scotland.

This is PokeLand, the town of Lynette ^^ What a nice entrance!

Erin came to PokeLand! And also…

Jaimee! Woohoo πŸ˜€

I like this cute pond with a gold rose in the middle, and look at these cute fishes n.n

A close-up from Lynette. Isn’t she cute here?

And a close-up from us all ^^

Then i took a look in her house.

I took a little *cough* nap on this regal bed. Sorry for messing up your bed, Lynette xD

I also liked this fruit room ^^

I remember this face-to-face spot from Mayu’s blog. Jaimee, don’t stand in the toilet! xD (that was a Wi-Fi lag)

School makes me tired xD

Evil bunny wants to kill baby bunny. Look at that scary mask and axe! 😯

Tat also came when Erin left. Nice to see you again!

Then we headed over to Scotland, the town of Erin!

I look like a tomato o.o

Wow, a very nice flower garden. And Erin used the same paths as i have in my town ^^ (i made them btw)

Andre from Stadt came, and with him was Scotland complete πŸ˜‰

LOL! Tat can stand on the water! She was very surprised, hehe :3

Then we went fishing, woohoo! Erin caught a Blue Marlin!

But i was lucky too, i caught a King Salmon!

Then i went to Erin’s house. Cool scorpion! πŸ™‚

Hope to see you all again soon! Bye.